Letter to Mike Jones of the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

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Mr. Mike Jones:

Your article, reeks of lame biased excuses for Oklahoma. Please take off your BCS/Big 12-colored glasses.  Give props where props are due.  Every college team has to fight through first game execution problems, injuries, and new personnel.  That my friend, is college football. Did you know BYU loses around 40 players a year due to graduation and 2 year LDS missions?  That is twice what regular teams lose.  Logistical nightmare.

This BYU win is only a shock for you biased BCS people. Can you also say Utah vs Alabama? Boise State vs Oregon Virginia vs William and Mary?  BYU did it to #3 Pitt in 1984 and to #1 Miami in 1990 (with undersized 170 lb., Texas boy, Tye the kid make Russell Maryland look silly in a collision with his own teammate). No, we don't win 'em all but don't disrespect BYU..............22 point underdogs!

Somehow your article failed to mention BYU graduated 4 starters on the O-line and lost 4 projected starters in camp, 2 O-linemen (Jason Speredon, Houston Reynolds), a linebacker (Terrance Hooks) and one corner (Robbie Buckner).  BYU's star 1,000 yard+ running back (Harvey Unga) did not even play due to a hamstring injury suffered two weeks ago.  One of last years leading tacklers, Matt Bauman, went out with a concussion early in this game.  All your story seemed to mention is how OU lost this and that. I feel really bad for them.

BYU, with a new offensive line (1 returning starter, playing with a broken hand), had to overcome their own penalties (BYU 10/87 yards, OU 12/93), even one on the final drive at the OU 2 yard line. All this on top of 4 turnovers (OU had 2), one in the end zone. To make matters worse BYU's kicker kicked it out of bounds to give the ball to OU on the 40 yard line.  All they needed was 45 yards to kick a field goal and win.  What about their two returning 1,000 yard rushers?

BYU's hard-hitting caused the OU turnovers and Coleby Clawson put a clean thump on Sam Bradford knocking him out of the game. OU was not tearing up the stat sheet with Bradford!

Wasn't it mighty Oklahoma that returned 9 defensive starters from a year ago? That D-line is incredible and held BYU way below is normal offensive output. They were impressive. Guess what! Team Defense 2008 final stats BYU #38 and OU #69.  By the way, when did BYU play OU last? 1994 Copper Bowl. Result BYU 31, Oklahoma 6.
The below graphic compliments of ESPN:

MWC Owns Oklahoma: BYU's upset extended Oklahoma's losing streak to current Mountain West Conference members in season openers.

OU vs. MWC (Last Three Season Openers)

Year - Opponent - Result

2009 - BYU L, 14-13
2005 - TCU L, 17-10
1996 - TCU L, 20-7

Bottom line:

No excuses! BYU earned the victory. BYU owned the possession clock 37/23, make an incredible 6 play goal line stand even with a phantom PI call in the end zone. They beat a great OU team in a slug fest in what was a normal early sloppy game on both sides.

Who did Texas play yesterday? Monroe something? Bring them to Provo again. 47 - 6 last time for BYU. Worst beating in years. 
Call the athletic directors at BYU, Utah and Boise State and ask them if the so called elite BCS teams will come to the mountains and play a fair home and home series. What a shame and a sham! Down with the BCS whore monger monopoly that is trying to create unfair advantages while taking away National Championship possibilities from so many hard working student athletes. The US may as well go to a caste system while were at it. I know your on a deadline Mike but do your homework next time.

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