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Frustrated with the lack of offensive production this year, but curious about how we stacked up against other "Name" programs that aren't meeting expectations this year, I went to's stats page (here) and looked over some of the "below expectations" teams around the country and how we stacked up against them statistically. What I found was interesting. A lot of struggling teams are about where we are statistically. The most shocking team was UCLA, where you have two big time coaches leading probably the worst offense in the country among big time teams. UCLA is stacked with athletes, plays in the Rose Bowl half the year, is in the Pac-10, and in one of the world's major television markets; yet, they suck, just like us. Now, I realize it isn't a sign of greatness to go comparing your struggling team's stats to other struggling teams, and I hope this is just a one-year hiccup to the Bronco Mendenhall National Championship Project. But in a season like this, you go fishing for whatever brings your aching heart a little hope and peace. I looked at a lot of teams, but here are a few samples of relatively similar teams struggling to meet fans' expectations just like BYU is this year and the stats are strangely similar:

Quarterbacks – Completions-Attempts-Yards-%-TDs-INTs-Rating

Jake Heaps (BYU) 110-211-976-52%-1-6-86.9

Prince & Brehaut (UCLA) 61-133-573-45.9%-3-6-80.5

Matt Sims (TENN) 88-154-1136-57.1%-7-4-128.9

Robert Bolden (Penn St) 96-171-1177-56.1%-4-7-113.5

Garrett Gilbert (TEX) 118-196-1213-60.2%-4-5-113.8

Shinkie & others (Boston C) 94-188-1154-50%-8-10-105

Rushing – Attempts/Yards/Average/TDs

BYU – 248/926/3.8/8

UCLA – 259/1338/5.2/13

TENN – 192/690/3.6/8

PEN St – 195/756/3.9/5

TEX – 209/858/4.1/11

BC – 186/620/3.3/1

Receiving – Catches/Yards/Average/TDs

BYU – 131/1197/9.1/3

UCLA – 61/573/9.4/3

TENN – 99/1241/12.5/7

PEN St- 102/1255/12.3/4

TEX – 118/1213/10.3/4

BC – 94/1154/12.3/8

Strength of Schedule and Record

BYU – 15 (2-5)

UCLA – 29 (3-3)

TENN – 42 (2-4)

Penn St – 63 (3-3)

TEXAS – 12 (4-2)

Boston College – 18 (2-4)

Strength of Schedules found (here).


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