MWC Power Rankings: Utah Falls off the Wagon

This was another interesting week in the Mountain West and things have been shaken up a little, but no too much, so this week's Power Rankings will be a short and concise report.

If you don't know why these guys belong here by now, you never will...

#9: New Mexico Lobos

#8: Wyoming Cowboys

#7: UNLV Rebels

#6: Colorado St. Rams

#5: Air Force Falcons

The Cadets struggled against the Lobos in the early part of the game and surrendered 23 points.  New Mexico's 2nd highest point total of the year.  Look, they won convincingly enough, but I still see signs that Air Force is beat up and will be limping into the post season.  I look for them to have their next big game in a bowl game, after everyone is healed and rested. 

#4: Utah Utes

Anyone else watch that massacre in Southbend?  I along with Ute Fan, am bewildered at how this team could fall so far, so fast.  Is this for real?  Were they really that over rated?  I still tend believe they weren't THAT over rated, but we won't really know until the outcome of the BYU game. 

#3: BYU Cougars

Say What?  This offensive production was not a fluke against UNLV, and although Colorado St. is not a much better team, they do have an average defense.  Best thing about the changes post-bye, are that our recievers are actually making plays.  How about Ashworth making 3 great TD catches and then adding a solid 4th?  fantastic.  Best thing about it, is that then Luke could act out a celebration instead of a PI call. 

#2 San Diego St. Aztecs

They are here by default.  I still am not convinced that they beat BYU if they played them this week.  Why?  If you actually watched the game against TCU you noticed that SDSU had 3 MAJOR plays that gave them the 21 points.  Two 60+ yard receptions down to the 1 and a fumble recovery in the endzone.  Other than that the Aztecs were stiffled on offense until late in the 4th quarter.  So while the score was close, I don't believe that it showed how good SDSU was.  I am giving them #2 props only due to the fact that at the end of the day they had the best OUTCOME against TCU, although not the best game.  It is nice to see Utah out of the big three and some new blood coming in.

#1 TCU Horned Frogs

1 Question for all.  Why is it that when TCU loses a "close" game to SDSU (who only had 2 losses on the year coming in, one to Mizzou who is ranked #15) everyone on ESPN and the like are saying they aren't any good anymore when Oregon escapes a loss at Cal (thanks to a mis-step by the kicker) and that Cal team is really not good?  go figure...just another BCS ploy to get a 1 loss team into the championship.

How Pathetic.

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