Nevada Game: First Thoughts

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A few thoughts after today's game...

1. I liked getting Jake 45 throws against an average secondary while in the comforts of your home stadium. A lot of missed receivers (several misses could have been TDs), but I also saw him hitting McKay and Hoffman, which was nice. Interesting that the tight ends are almost non-existent. 

2. LOTS of dropped balls by receivers. I watched this game with a big Boise State fan, and he turned to me and said, "I've never seen BYU receivers drop so many balls! Why is that?" I guess the Riley/Jake throw two different types of balls theory is out the window. I thought McKay and Hoffman made a case to be the two primary receivers, and I'm thinking I'd like to see them keyed on in more plays designed for those two - the rest of the corps just drops too many balls.

3. I liked what I saw from Quezada in his brief work. He seemed more comfortable out there - knowing where he's supposed to be.

4. ANAE WAS IN LOVE WITH THE CORNER-OF-THE-ENDZONE FADE. My Boise friend and I were joking about it, and then it got downright ridiculous in the 4th quarter. To me, that is a touch pass that is difficult to throw, and to have a freshy throwing it over and over again to unproven receivers was strange. Obviously, several trips into the Blue Zone (after our initial 10 points) with only 3 points to show were the difference in the game, but I thought all the corner fade calls (I think there were like 8 attempts - most to the left, but one to the right) were very, very odd.

5. I would like to see Anae use the backs (Quezada and DiLuigi) more catching the ball out of the backfield. I thought more of this in today's game would have been very effective. DiLuigi did get a lot of touches, but I thought he could have gotten more. 

6. I thought seam routes could have been hit more. Nevada seemed soft up the middle in the secondary, but we didn't test it as much as I thought we could have. 

7. I LOVED THE DEFENSE. Passion, guts, So'oto wearing Fuga's jersey and getting a pick, holding Nevada to 3 in the second half. I really think that D is developing. Their first half against FSU before succumbing to fatigue, and then their second half stops against Nevada were are very promising. 

8. I was surprised with Jake's trouble on the few roll-outs he had. But receivers were open and he looked smooth running. I hope they practice this more in the coming weeks. 

9. I thought the cheap shot on Fuga was disgusting (not as disgusting as the #17 Boise player cheap shotting James Rodgers tonight - watch that tape and see #17 ignore the guy with the ball, turn away and just drill his helmet into OSU's star player - I hate Boise). By the way, was it the same Nevada player who put Fuga out that was called for tripping later? I thought it was.

10. Generally, I really liked our special teams. Solid coverage.

11. I found myself getting frustrated with Anae tonight. From little things like not calling a timeout in the first half on our 4th down attempt - Jake just looked hurried and he could have used a time out before running that play to coach him up a bit - to things like all those crazy corner fades into the endzone - to running the ball on 4th and 4 and then on 3rd and 7. I keep reminding myself he's learning the OC position just like Bronco's still learning the HC position. Great guys....couldn't ask for better for BYU's unique culture. Can't be mad at Anae, Jaime, and Bronco after treating us to so much goodness the past 4 years. 

12. I didn't think the refs were affecting the outcome of the game at all, but they sure looked confused and lost out there. What was that ref doing standing over the ball when Heaps was trying to run a play and they stopped it? It was like he forgot where he was. What down is it? 3rd or 4th? 

13. I didn't travel the 4 hours to Provo to use my season ticket....I subjected myself to The Mtn instead. The sideline reporter told Nevada's Coach Ault after the game that we MWC fans were excited to see such great play from the Wolfpack today. I was like, what?! And then I remembered that The Commish already thinks Boise and Nevada are MWC members and keeps reminding the nation every time one of them wins. 

Well, that's enough. I'm not editing my grammar. Too late for that, besides Oregon vs ASU is getting really interesting. I'm enjoying seeing our growth and progress. We're 1-3, but I'm excited for the rest of the season and I can see us pulling off some great wins during the second half. 

Go Cougs!

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