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Robert Anae.  




I just wanted to see what your reaction was at the mention of his name.  I've read a lot of vitriol at the mere mention of Coach Anea, particularly after the Tootah game and I just wanted the people with red faces to pop out in the front.  

I've gotta say that I just don't think the guy is as bad as he has been made out to be.  First by the fans and second by the media.  Coach Anea did what any right headed coach in this country would have don't on that final drive: play conservative and go for the win.  TCU's Gary Patterson said it best when he said something to the effect, "I don't care if we win by one point or 40.  We want to win."  A field goal secures that win and after the end of first half debacle in Las Vegas against UCLA where sitting on the ball results in going to the locker room comfortably or doing something risky with Harvey costs us points and momentum -- I think he was doing what was right.

I wish him the very best.  He has been phenomenal for our school, our athletes and our offense and I appreciate everything that he has done for us.  It's hard not to snicker a bit at the whole situation that has been happening since he got picked up at Arizona.  It's kind of reminiscent of the murmuring that went around campus before and after Roger Reid got the axe.  

Before: "0 and whatever!!! WE WANT HIS HEAD!!!"  After been considered for the Michigan job: "Well of course I always knew he was a good coach. He just had a bad downturn."  Robert Anea is going to do rather well, and I for one will continue to cheer him on just like I do Norm Chow and Gary Crowton (despite the whole SEC affiliation).

Six years in college football in any other position than Penn St HC is a really long time.  Who was it that said, "A college coaches popularity goes down by 10% every year. I've been here 11, you do the math."  Good on you Robert Anea for sticking around this long, and major kudos to you Coach Mendenhall.  Please don't ever go anywhere.

I have one more point to make today.  It relates to the previous paragraph and is about the media cover surrounding this whole 'firing' of the offensive staff at BYU. I think it's BS.  Dick Harmon breaks the story that they have been 'released' and told to look for work else where.  The immediate assumption is that that awful human being, Bronkkko has fired every one because we didn't win the national championship.  He over reacted and heads were rolling.  But is that really the case?

My neighbor out here in Texas is the father of an assistant coach at Eastern Carolina.  He has been doing this for only three years and has moved as many times.  That exposure to different programs is important for their development, it is smart to bring in fresh competetive people looking to move up.  They live a difficult life style but really they are getting paid a ton to play football while I'm making peanuts flying for the Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan - I have very little sympathy.  Moving frequently keeps the coaching culture fresh; it is good for the programs.  Parking at one place unless you are the HC is very very odd and even as an HC that is becoming less common.  

Bronkkko's alter ego understands this.  He has stated before that he intends for his coaches to move on and take better opportunities when they arise.  He is concerned with their development as well as the teams success, the later generally taking greater precedence.  

Now here's my point: what if Coach Mendenhall understood all this and before going on vacation he sat his offensive coaches down (who have become too sedentary for the good of their careers) and gave them the option.  "I won't be offended if you look for work elsewhere.  You are 'released to take this opportunity and see if something else fits."  

Is that so unbelievable?  More unbelievable than what the SL Trib, DES News and to a lesser degree Daily Herald have been reporting that Bronkkko went crazy chopping off heads and scaring minions into corners with threats and daggers?  He didn't fire anyone but Jamie Hill.  He gave them the option.  

Did he want to make changes?  Your guess is as good as mine but all

indications are that he did want some, particularly with Brandon Doman - - This guy is a stud and will go far; I'd want to wrap him up as OC too, he wasn't staying QB coach another year.  If Coach Mendenhall wanted to make changes then I applaud him - it's good for the program and it's good for the coaches.  

And could you think of a better way to do make changes?  Assuming that Doman was going to be made OC come hell or high water isn't it better for Coach Anae to go to another program proudly displaying his ridiculous numbers these offenses have put up in the last six years rather than saying, 'I got fired because a younger go-getter took my spot.'  Dropping that F-word never goes well in a job interview.  

Thanks for everything Coach Anea, from the national championship to the New Mexico Bowl.  We are proud to be associated with you and wish you satisfaction, a tailwind and great success kicking the crap out of the tUtes year in and out.

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