Heaps bandwagon

I thought Heaps looked just as good agains Ole Miss as he did against Washington, Air Force, and FSU last year. In comparison to Nelson, I thought Nelson out performed him in those early games.  I thought Nelson was the better quarterback, his injury silenced that debate. Heaps finished up the season strong, but look at who we played. He had a great bowl game, but look at who we played. Against good defensive team, he has not been that great. Sure you can throw in his stats against Ole Miss in the second half as proof he is better than the game showed, and I hope that the first half was just the jitters, but I worry it isn't. I mean the guy started almost every game last season-the deer in the headlights look should be gone. 

Against Washington Nelson was 11/17 for 131yds and 2td and 45yds rushing

     Heaps was  13/23 for 131 yds and 0td and 6yds rushing

Against Air Force    Nelson was 8/19 for 73 yds  and had 95 yds rushing. he produced both scoring drives in the first quarter but had no production the rest of the game

              Heaps was 2/6 for 19yds and INT. He was taken out of the game after the first quarter to many    fans dismay, but to this point he had been productive less.

Against FSU    Nelson was 1/4 for 1 yd an INT and 8 yds rushing. He was taken out of the game after halftime

           Heaps was 15/31 for 114yds 1TD and -61 yds rushing. He had no production the second half.

At this point the two qb are equal if not a bit of an edge given to Nelson after the Washington game. Nelson goes out with an injury.

Heaps production in week 4 vs Nevada. He was 24/45 200s yds with no TD.

Against USU in week 5 he went for 270 yds but No TD and 2 INT

SDSU no TD and 1 INT.

Against TCU he throws for 91 yds No TD and 1 INT.

Heaps finally starts getting some TDs agains 3-9 WYO, 2-11 UNLV, 1-11 New Mexico, 3-9 CSU, and 10-2 Utah and finally 6-7 UTEP. Essentially against teams with winning records Heaps records 2TD passes against Utah and FSU. Other wise he has been essentially unproductive.

Essentially I am asking you all, why is the fan base so adamant about starting Heaps over another qb. The idea that we play Heaps because everyone thinks he is so great is deceptive. It the whole Emperors New Clothes idea. Other than a great recruit and a great arm, I just am not seeing the greatness in Heaps to the hype he has been built to. He seems way to out of his place on the field. I get the impression he lacks something that time, age, and experience offer; which makes me wonder if Nelson or Lark isn't a better option. I do remember how inaccurate Nelson was last year, but that was with a bumbed shoulder.  Both were very comparable, except Nelson seemed to be the one getting us into the end zone last year. 

Now we take a look at Ole Miss. Hard to see how good they will be this year. But they were horrible last year and Heaps couldn't get anything done.  It seems like this is going to look a lot like last year. I expected a little more.

I would love for you guys to comment and steer me in the direction you believe I need to be headed. Bu I am just not on the Heaps bandwagon yet. I hope I am wrong, but if things go as they have in the past we won't see much offense until October when we start playing some poor football teams. The defense looks like it may be our saving grace this year.

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