BYU's Bubble

This year's NCAA Tournament selection is going to be a roller-coaster. There are at least 20 teams fighting on the bubble right now, and yes BYU is right in the thick of it. Lunardi has them in, Lunardi has them out, Lunardi has them in.

We Cougar fans might need to embrace this year's team as an NIT squad. Damn! That 6 year streak was looking good, too. And then, perhaps not.

BYU may play themselves out of the bubble picture or into the tourney (with a win over Zags at home and/or Gaels on the road). And then, they could steal the WCC tournament. They're streaky... anything's possible.

Whether they are in or out, it's going to be fun following the bracketology this year. So of course, I'm releasing a better-than-Lunardi bracket that I will update up to selection day.

Enjoy! And go Cougars!

EAST (Washington DC)

(Philly) 1.Syracuse v 16.Vermont

____ 8.Oklahoma St v 9.N Carolina

(San Jose) 5.Creighton v 12.Stephen F Austin

_______ 4.Minnesota v 13.Valparaiso

(Kansas City) 6.San Diego St v 11.Belmont

________ 3.Michigan St v 14.Harvard

(Dayton) 7.Notre Dame v 10.Maryland

_____ 2.Indiana v 15.Niagara

WEST (Los Angeles)

(Philly) 1.Kansas v 16.Southern U/Stetson play-in

____ 8.UCLA v 9.Georgetown

(Austin) 5.Missouri v 12.Colorado/Boise St play-in

_____ 4.Butler v 13.N Dakota St

(Salt Lake City) 6.NC State v 11.Colorado St

________ 3.Ohio St v 14. Louisiana Tech

(Salt Lake City) 7.Baylor v 10.Kentucky

________ 2.Arizona v 15.Long Beach St


SOUTH (North Texas)

(Kansas City) 1.Florida v 16.Norfolk St

________ 8.Wisconsin v 9.Oklahoma

(Austin) 5.Cincinnati v 12.M Tennessee

_____ 4.VCU v 13.Lehigh

(Auburn Hills) 6.Wichita St v 11.Arizona St

________ 3.Louisville v 14.Davidson

(Lexington) 7.UNLV v 10.Iowa

_______ 2.Miami v 15.Bryant

MIDWEST (Indianapolis)

(Auburn Hills) 1.Michigan v 16.W Illinois/Chrlstn Sthrn play-in

________ 8.Pittsburgh v 9.Ole Miss

(San Jose) 5.Kansas St v 12.Memphis

______ 4.New Mexico v 13.Akron

(Dayton) 6.Oregon v 11.Wyoming/Iowa St play-in

_____ 3. Duke v 14.Weber St

(Lexington) 7.Marquette v 10.Illinois

______ 2.Gonzaga v 15.Northeastern


Colorado State, Colorado, Wyoming, Boise State


St. Marys, La Salle, Temple, St. Johns


Northwestern, S. Miss, Alabama, BYU


Rutgers, St. Louis, Bucknell, Texas A&M, Xavier, Charlotte, Indiana St, Stanford

Comments? What do you hate? What do you love? Who did I miss? Take the poll and vote on who doesn't deserve to be in the bracket.

Check out The Bracket Matrix/@bracketproject on twitter. This bracket will be included in an average with dozens of others (including Lunardi) to give the most objective bracket prediction on the web! In a week or so I'll update this baby.

(By the way, BYU fairs better on the matrix than on mine. Go figure!)

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