Please Welcome your new Vanquish The Foe staff

George Frey

VTF is now under new management, with a new Editor in Chief, and a slew of talented editorial voices. Come meet them.

It's been a time of transition here at Vanquish The Foe. In case you missed it yesterday (or didn't put two and two together), our previous manager, Brett Hein, has left VTF, along with the previous editorial staff. I tried to keep the place afloat in their absence, while I interviewed a slew of very talented candidates to join the team.

I'm happy to announce that we have a new team in place. The new manager of VTF will be Chris Taney, who comes to us via Salt Lake Magazine, and other, professional blogging enterprises. Chris brings a strong BYU sports voice, and internet content experience, and I'm very confident he'll be a great fit and a great leader for VTF.

Joining Chris will be:

Josh Cann is  a communications-journalism graduate who has written for Utah Valley University sports and  for Salt Lake Community College. I'm a blue-blood, meaning I was born and raised on BYU and will die by them. He's living,  Orem, UT aka the land of milk and honey, and is also a  songwriter/recording artist who goes by JC Cody.

Paul Greenhalgh is a life long Cougar fan who grew up listening to Paul James with a blind grandfather while the game on the TV was muted. My family bought 4 tickets to the Jazz-Bulls finals in 1997 which we scalped. The proceeds bought 6 BYU football tickets for the next season. This is his first sports writing venture.

Austin Rory Hackett graduated from BYU with a few unrelated majors and minors, completed half of medical school, then dropped out to start an internet company. He writes essays for Tech Cocktail and for literary journals that will be unread until our sun expands and burns them. He's amazing at Pictionary.

Jason Ludlow is a broadcast journalism major at BYU. His blood runs blue--Cougar Blue--and he's been a BYU fanatic since birth. J-Dawgs is his favorite pregame meal, and his writing will focus on the Xs and Os. He ran into Jonny Harline on campus the other day, and yes, he's still open.

Nathan Mathis A Utah County native, Nate  has been an avid follower of the college football world since he was 10 years old.  He specializes in all things Cougars, Utes and Aggies. With perhaps the most thrilling football schedule BYU has ever seen just around the corner, he is looking forward to breaking down the storylines of what should be one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory.

Nate Kennedy is  an an Arizona resident, a father of 2 rambunctious boys, and an E-commerce executive with a love for all things BYU. He will provide different and sometimes unpopular opinions on college athletics, but my posts will always be entertaining.

Timothy Bishop is a lifelong artist and BYU fan. Timothy attended BYU in the late 80's after serving a mission in Washington. He majored in Illustration and gained an appreciation for cartooning.  His work has appeared in many corporate newsletters, and he's currently attending the Art Institute in Salt Lake City. Tim will be contributing original cartoon work for VTF.

Kevin Kennedy says, "I can't remember my first steps, my first day of school, or even the stories that my parents are always telling to embarrass me.  What I can remember is listening to Paul James and Greg Wrubell on the radio, watching the first televised game on ESPN between BYU and Pitt, and planning my honeymoon around the BYU vs. Cal football game.  BYU sports are an intricate part of my life and I love sharing it with anyone that will listen.  I only hope that when I die, there will be a satellite feed from LES and the Marriott Center to my resting place in heaven."

Ryan Hall is a senior at BYU, majoring in Finance, and will be bringing us the best in football and recruiting coverage.

Jordan Guy Edwards is a life-long Cougar fan who graduated from BYU in International Relations and went undercover at the University of Utah to get a Master's in Finance.  He was once retweeted by JaVale McGee.

Matthew Greenhalgh is currently a senior,  studying Spanish and Communications.  He remember when he was only 6 going to meet the 96' team after they beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl.  He loves college football with a passion, ain't nothin better on a saturday!  Even with the many injuries the Cougars have sustained (especially at corner...) he looks forward to a great season in particular coming away with a couple of those ever elusive "big ones" against teams like Texas, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame and  pray we beat the U!!!

Kevin Schaefer is a BYU graduate, a former BYUTV corespondent and an active writer and tweeter on BYU sports topics.

As for me, I plan to continue to stick around, but in a different capacity.  I will be relinquishing my EIC spot any day now, but will continue to be involved in the website community, and serve as a roving consultant to our staff. I'll probably post a few times a month as well, mostly on more national stories. When it's Wisconsin week, I'll give you ALL the #Hot #BigTen #Takes you guys can handle. I can be found (usually talking about Ohio State), at @MattLGHL

While we have a strong staff right now, we're not necessarily done acquiring talent. In fact, we will probably add a few more names in the next week or so. If you have a passion for BYU sports and writing, and feel comfortable contributing 2 posts a week, please send us an email at, particularly if you'd like to write about recruiting, non-football sports, or have daytime availability to cover breaking news stories.

Our goal is to build Vanquish The Foe into the PREMIER free website for  BYU sports news and culture. Please join me in welcoming Chris and our new writers.

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