Moderately Realistic Alternatives to Bronco Mendenhall

If you read the comments, the #FIREBRONCO crowd is out in force. One oft-repeated response from the #BRONCO4EVER crowd is the question "Who would you replace him with?" This post is an attempt to fill out that list. Let's assume, for the sake of the discussion, a few things about BYU's hiring practices.

  1. This is meant more as a reference and less of a place to debate your favorite candidate.
  2. The head football coach has to be a temple-recommend holding member of the LDS Church. Since I am not any of these people's bishops, I will assume that returned missionaries' fit that requirement.
  3. We don't know Bronco's salary, but it is safe to assume that BYU will not (and likely cannot) pay more than about $3 million a year for a head coach.
  4. Don't bring up Andy Reid. We're not getting an NFL head coach off a playoff team who makes $7.5 million per year.
  5. Gary Crowton is dead to me. He will not be appearing anywhere on this list.
  6. I am sure I have forgotten people. Please mention them in the comments and I'll add them to the list.

Ken Niumatalolo - Navy Head Coach


HC Experience: Navy (2007-Present, 49-30)

Previous Coaching Experience: Hawaii, Navy, UNLV

Playing Career: QB for Hawaii (1987-1989)

Notes: No previous connection to BYU; runs the flexbone/triple option offense

Darrell Bevel - Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator


HC Experience: None

Previous Coaching Experience: Iowa State, UConn, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks

Playing Career: QB for Wisconsin (1993-1995)

Notes: No previous connection to BYU

Lance Anderson - Stanford Outside Linebackers Coach


HC Experience: None

Previous Coaching Experience: Stanford, San Diego, Saint Mary's, Bucknell, Idaho State

Playing Career: Linebacker at BYU (scout team) and Idaho State (1993-1994)

Notes: None

Kyle Whittingham - Utah Head Coach


Head Coaching Experience: Utah (2005-Present, 76-39)

Previous Coaching Experience: BYU, Idaho State, Utah

Playing Career: Linebacker for BYU (1978-1981), USFL (1983-1984), Los Angeles Rams (1987)

Notes: Already turned down BYU HC job in 2005; father was BYU assistant coach (1972-1981)

Kalani Sitake - Utah Defensive Coordinator


Head Coaching Experience: None

Previous Coaching Experience: BYU, Southern Utah, Utah

Playing Career: Fullback at BYU (1994, 1997-200)

Notes: First Tongan coordinator in FBS

Robert Anae - BYU Offensive Coordinator


Head Coaching Experience: None

Previous Coaching Experience: Hawaii, BYU, Ricks College, Boise State, UNLV, Texas Tech, Arizona

Playing Career: Offensive lineman for BYU (1981-1984) and in USFL

Notes: Played on 1984 MNC team; bears a strong resemblence to a certain blue eagle

Nick Howell - BYU Defensive Coordinator


Head Coaching Experience: Ben Lomond High (2004-2006)

Previous Coaching Experience: BYU

Playing Career: Weber State?

Notes: If Bronco has a protege, Nick Howell is it

Mike Canales - North Texas Offensive Coordinator/Associate Head Coach


Head Coaching Experience: North Texas (interm, 2010, 2-3)

Previous Coaching Experience: BYU, South Florida, NC State, New York Jets, Arizona, North Texas

Playing Career: Quaterback for Utah State (1981-1983)

Notes: Was offensive coordinator at Snow College when Bronco Mendenhall was defensive coordinator; only connection to BYU came as a graduate assistant from 1985 to 1986

Possibilities Who May Be LDS

  • Ed Lamb, Southern Utah Head Coach

Possibilities Who You Might Think Are LDS, But Are Not

  • Gary Andersen, Wisconsin Head Coach
  • Matt Wells, Utah State Head Coach

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