BYU sports links: Holmoe roundtable with reporters, T.J. Haws interview, and more!

Tom Holmoe and Cecil Samuelson starred in a new lip-sync video for BYU Hoops. - George Frey

A lot has been happening in Cougar nation and we want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information about what is happening with football, basketball, and recruiting.

Holmoe Thoughts:

Tom Holmoe shared his thoughts about BYU athletics with reporters in an informal session yesterday afternoon. Among the interesting things that Holmoe shared were a change in BYU policy. BYU will no longer comment on Honor Code issues unless they are a matter of public record or revealed by the individual. Hallelujah! BYU has been careful in the past and it is usually a reporter or someone else who reveals the reason for the violation, but this is a welcome change.

Holmoe also mentioned that BYU will travel the second most in amount of miles this coming season, following Hawaii and spoke passionately about the football program, via Greg Wrubell.

BYU Football:

If you missed it, the 2014 BYU football schedule was released yesterday. Once again there are a lot of openings to play on ESPN this coming season. Since becoming independent, BYU has played on ESPN networks 30 out of 39 times and the relationship continues to be strong. This schedule looks a lot lighter than last year in terms of difficulty, but highlights include Texas, Cal, Houston, Central Florida and Boise State.

Dick Harmon of the Deseret News has a new article out about Taysom Hill, who was named as one of the top 25 college football players for the 2014 season by the Sporting News. Harmon writes about the confidence and preparation of Taysom and the rest of the team as they prepare for spring practice, which begins next week.

NFL Combine:

Daniel Sorensen, the former BYU safety and NFL hopeful has posted some incredible times in the combine. Things are looking really good for the standout safety and we hope that he continues to impress.

Lip-Syncing with Samuelson:

There is also a great new lip-sync video with BYU President Cecil Samuelson and Holmoe. It's good to see the campus leaders get in on the fun videos that have been widely popular among Cougar fans. Cecil does quite a bit of winking in the video just so you are aware.

TJ Haws:

Slam Online posted a great article about BYU commit T.J. Haws and asked him quite a few questions about the LDS Church, BYU and his older brother Tyler. It's exposure like this that is great for BYU and the LDS Church as T.J. talks about his faith and why he wants to serve a mission.

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