BYU Football: 2014 Way too early predictions (Part 1)

George Frey

This is the first of a three-part series of our way too early predictions for the 2014 BYU football season. This will give a brief general analysis of the opponents and the predictions of the outcomes of the games. Feel free to agree or disagree and chime in if you'd like in the conversation below.

The first four games I'll be predicting are as follows: @Connecticut, @Texas, Houston, and Virginia.

Game 1: Aug. 29th, @ Connecticut:

Last Season W-L: 3-9 (3-5 AAC)

About: UConn is coming off of a rough season. They have 7 returning starters on offense including their QB, RB, and 3 WR's. They have five returning starters on defense, leaving a lot of fresh faces that are new to playing starters minutes. This is a tricky game. BYU should blow them out, but I think it will be close. I think BYU escapes with a win in a too close to call type football game. Remember last year's opener? I try to forget, but anything can happen in Week 1.

Prediction: BYU Win (1-0)


Game 2: Sept. 6th, @ Texas:

Last Season W-L: 8-5 (7-2 Big 12)

About: If any team has revenge on their minds it is Texas who got embarassed by BYU in Provo 40-21. The defensive coordinator got fired, Mack Brown was let go at season's end, and everything has changed since that rain-delayed game in Provo. Every BYU and Texas fan will remember that blowout.  Taysom Hill might remember that one too with his 250+ yard rushing bout. Texas brings in a new head coach in Charlie Strong who will have a lot to prove and will be playing in front of it's own 100,000 fans. It could be an interesting game, but I think Texas will be too much. BYU loses in respectable fashion.

Prediction: BYU Loss (1-1)


Game 3: Sept. 11th, Houston

Last Season W-L: 8-5 (5-3 AAC)

About: O'Korn has emerged as the heir to the well known Case Keenum who had a hay day at Houston as QB. Tony Levine just signed a five year deal as head coach of Houston. BYU's game against Houston last season was easily the most exciting game of the year besides Texas and was Taysom Hill's best game. Hill showed us a flash of his passing and running potential as a combo in that game. Look for Houston to have revenge on their minds, but with BYU's "no fly zone" and the fact it's in Provo, BYU will get the W once again.

Prediction: BYU Win (2-1)


Game 4: Sept. 20th, Virginia

Last Season W-L: 2-10 (0-8 ACC)

About: Virginia is coming off a pitiful season. They beat one FBS opponent, and that was our beloved Cougars. Other than the win against BYU, the only other team they beat was VMI, an FCS opponent. You better bet your life that BYU will be ready and have revenge on their minds. I see BYU blowing Virginia out by three scores or more. Nothing better than a blowout to get that 19-16 game out of our mouths where the ball slipped through Jamaal Williams' hands that would've sealed the victory.

Prediction: BYU Win (3-1)

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