Matt Brown

Former Editor

Matt Brown is the Co-League Manager for SB Nation College Sports, the Co-Manager for SB Nation's Ohio State site Land Grant Holy Land, and the former editor of Vanquish the Foe. He will occasionally post to help give a more national perspective on BYU related news. Matt lives in Washington DC, and has a BA from The Ohio State University. Outside of the MTC, he's never even lived in Utah, but he's found that maintaining a spot on the VTF masthead makes him a lot more popular with his Elders Quorum. Matt can be followed at @MattSBN


BYU Bracket Bubble Breakdown 2/24

BYU is squarely on the bubble right now. If they make the WCC Finals, are they in? Who needs to lose, and what needs to happen, for BYU to be dancing this season

BYU football attendance: slight bump from last yr

While some other programs are noticing declines in their attendance, BYU football notched a slight increased from their gate last season. Can they keep it up?

BYU schedules home and home with Arizona State


The Cougars add to what could be a promising 2020-2021 schedule with a home and home with the Sun Devils of Arizona State

Has BYU overachieved relative to their recruiting?

After even more convincing data was released showing that yes, recruiting stars DO matter, we take a look at whether BYU has beaten the odds for football success, and their likelihood of doing so...

BYU Sports Links: football recruiting update 1/16


We check in on two big names in BYU recruiting, plus an update on a big time BYU basketball signee

BYU Links: Vball honors, Taysom Hill ponderings

We take a look at volleyball honors, the career trajectory of Taysom Hill, a TJ Haws POINTS EXPLOSION and more

No, academics aren't really hurting BYU recruiting


We take a look at the idea that high academic standards hurt BYU's recruiting ability, as well as their troubling APR scores in football.

Tayo Fabuluje not transfering to BYU after all


According to ESPN, offensive tackle Tayo Fabuluje will be returning to TCU, instead of transferring to BYU as previously reported. Given the Cougar's lack of depth along the offensive line, this defection particularly hurts.

BYU links: Jimmer trade rumors, BYU bowl picture


We hit the latest Jimmer trade rumor, possible bowl destinations for BYU next year, the potential mission plans for Jabari Parker, and more BYU sports news

BYU sports links: 2014 FB projections, Mika Injury


We have the latest on the health status of Mika, some 2014 FB projections, and some big BYU basketball roster moves, and more

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