Matt Brown

Former Editor

Matt Brown is the Co-League Manager for SB Nation College Sports, the Co-Manager for SB Nation's Ohio State site Land Grant Holy Land, and the former editor of Vanquish the Foe. He will occasionally post to help give a more national perspective on BYU related news. Matt lives in Washington DC, and has a BA from The Ohio State University. Outside of the MTC, he's never even lived in Utah, but he's found that maintaining a spot on the VTF masthead makes him a lot more popular with his Elders Quorum. Matt can be followed at @MattSBN


BYU sports links: 2014 FB projections, Mika Injury


We have the latest on the health status of Mika, some 2014 FB projections, and some big BYU basketball roster moves, and more

BYU Sports Links: WCC Updates, TV ratings and more


We have the latest on "Bronco to Penn State?!?" rumors, BYU TV ratings, a Utah State stumble, and more

Mendenhall to Penn State speculation?


One national college football writer thinks Bronco Mendenhall could be contacted by Penn State for their new coaching opening. Do you think that would work?

BYU Sports Links: TIME TO PANIC?!?



An unbiased look at the Bronco Mendenhall Era

Is the #FireBronco movement justified? Has this program stagnated into mediocrity? Could BYU actually get somebody better if they fired Bronco? We say probably not to all three.

Sports Links: Press conferences and a 1 bid WCC?


We take a look at the highlights of the Fight Hunger Bowl press conference, as well as the idea of the WCC being only a 1 bid league this season

BYU news : more recruiting news, and Cougar awards


BYU lands two prospects and offers another, while many more football players get postseason awards. Plus, Bronco talks Washington, and BYU's non conference hoops slate gets a little boost

BYU sports links: Bronco talks scheduling and more


This morning's edition of the Links is Bronco heavy, with his thoughts on coaching salaries, scheduling and the playoffs, plus major CFB awards, and a BYU hoops recruit getting some press love

BYU sports links: Bracket updates, Senior Bowl

We have the latest on BYU's "bracket standings", Hoffman and Van Noy to the Senior Bowl, former Cougars moving up in coaching circles, and more, in this morning's BYU sports links

BYU sports links: Changes at Army, Oregon Updates

We take a look at the weekend's big news, including a development that could help a BYU/Army football series, a closer look at upcoming opponent Oregon, a recruiting check in, and more

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