Matt Brown

Former Editor

Matt Brown is the Co-League Manager for SB Nation College Sports, the Co-Manager for SB Nation's Ohio State site Land Grant Holy Land, and the former editor of Vanquish the Foe. He will occasionally post to help give a more national perspective on BYU related news. Matt lives in Washington DC, and has a BA from The Ohio State University. Outside of the MTC, he's never even lived in Utah, but he's found that maintaining a spot on the VTF masthead makes him a lot more popular with his Elders Quorum. Matt can be followed at @MattSBN




Are you nervous about BYU's place in an ever changing football landscape now that we'll be having a playoff? Don't worry. Our SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT breaks everything down for you.

How BYU gets back to the Top 25


The Cougars have picked up a few votes in the Coaches Poll. We take a look at the other contenders for that top 25 spot, and what BYU needs to do to get there:

Know the Foe: Houston Cougars


Our magazine style previews continue with the high flyin' Houston Cougars. which Cougar team will come out on top?

Please welcome your new VTF staff


We're pleased to announce our new Editor, and a slew of new, talented writers, which will bring you the best in BYU sports coverage this year.

BYU not ranked in preseason AP poll


The Cougar just missed on being in the AP preseason top 25. Where they stand, along with their opponents, can be found inside

BYU 2013-2014 basketball schedule released


See who the Cougars will be playing outside of WCC play in an ambitious schedule featuring Texas, Iowa State, and potentially a team from last year's Final Four

The best in BYU sportswriting and news: 8/14/13


We hit all the biggest news outlets to give you the latest on Dallin Leavitt, CB depth, BYU volleyball and basketball, and the future of college football video games.

Jordan Johnson injury: what happens next


Contrary to popular belief, the season has not been canceled now that Jordan Johnson is out for the season. Let's take a look at what happens next.

Know the Foe: Utah State


Sure, we went out of order, but whatever. Let's take a look at Utah State, and if they return enough talent from last year's surprising run to spring the upset against BYU this year

BYU adds big time recruits in Dale and Kurtz


The Cougars wrap up huge recruiting weekend with a pair of skill position players that were in high demand, running back Cedric Dale out of Texas, and California JUCO wideout Nick Kurtz. The story...

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