Know The Foe: Week 11 results from BYU opponents

Ezra Shaw

Walking you around BYU's 2012 schedule to see how each team is faring.

Notre Dame won again and is trying to play its way into the national championship game, while Oregon State fell again. Here was the week 11 action around BYU's schedule:

LOST 44-36 to #18 UCLA
The Cougars battled yet again, but couldn't stop UCLA enough to claim a win. Star receiver Marquess Wilson also left the team and issued an open letter alleging Wazzu coaches of abuse. Uh oh.
Next week: at Arizona State (5-5)
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LOST 42-24 to Northern Colorado
Same old story for the Wildcats -- gain a lot of yards, lose anyway.
Next week: at Idaho State (1-9)

UTAH (4-6)
LOST 34-15 at Washington
The Utes were denied a three-game winning streak by the Huskies and were outgained 437-188.
Next week: vs. Arizona (6-4)
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WON 49-14 at Hawaii
The Broncos did what any team should do against Hawaii.
Next week: vs San Diego State (6-3)
More: read OBNUG

HAWAI'I (1-8)
LOST 49-14 to Boise State.
Next week: at Fresno State (6-3)

Next week: at #20 Louisiana Tech (9-1)

#16 OREGON STATE (7-2)
27-23 at #14 Stanford
Stanford scored with five minutes left to take down the Beavers.
Next week: vs. Cal (3-8)
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#3 NOTRE DAME (10-0)
WON 21-6 at Boston College
Typical Irish win. Get the job done, get out of town.
Next week: vs. Wake Forest (5-5)
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WON 68-50 at North Carolina
The Yellow Jackets racked up 68 points and 588 yards of offense in the shootout.
Next week: vs. Duke (6-4)
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IDAHO (1-9)
LOST 52-13 to BYU
Jason Gesser and the Vandals may have lost in a big way, but they completed the best backdoor cover in recent history. With the spread at 40 and BYU up by 42, the Cougars fumbled a punt return with just seconds remaining. Idaho trotted out the field goal unit, and voila! Backdoor cover as time expires.
Next week: vs UTSA (6-4)
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WON 47-7 at New Mexico State
The Spartans eclipsed 500 yards of offense yet again, building on an already strong season for Mike McIntyre and company.
Next week: vs BYU (6-4)

LOST 47-7 to San Jose State
I really don't have anything to say about the Aggies.
Next week: BYE

This Week: 4-7
Overall: 56-62 (.475)
FBS Only: 55-53 (.509)
W/O BYU game: 52-56 (.481)

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