Detroit press, blogs react to Lions' selection of Ziggy Ansah at 5th overall

Al Bello

Linking you up to reactions from Motor City and beyond.

Here are some of the reactions from last night and this morning to the Lions' selection of Ziggy Ansah:

Lions pick Ezekiel Ansah - Pride of Detroit
The addition of Ansah fills the Lions' biggest need, meaning they can turn their focus to the offensive line and other areas that need help going forward. While Ansah will need some time to develop and truly reach his potential, this pick instantly upgrades the Lions' defensive line.

Lions get Ziggy with it, take BYU DE No. 5 in draft - Fox Detroit
"He's the best player available," Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said ... The Lions' poor season put them in a position to coach a team at the Senior Bowl and they took advantage, getting to know an intriguing player in a way no other team in the league could've this offseason.

For Lions, 'phenomenal' Ziggy Ansah a risk worth taking - The Detroit News
"We didn't draft him as a project," Schwartz insisted. "We wouldn't take a project there." No offense, but they did. And that's fine, I guess, as long as Ansah ... [is] as quick a study as they seem to think he is.

Curious Pick For The Lions, Again - CBS 62 Detroit
This guy has a job writing and talking about sports.
Ansah racked up a freakish amount of tackles in 2012, with 62. How many tackles did he have in 2011? 7. It's impressive and it shows a certain level of commitment, but if he improved by 55 tackles through sheer grit and determination, wouldn't the converse be true? Did he not want to play particularly well in his junior season?

Don't let nickname fool you: Ziggy is all business - The Detroit News
"This is a production-based business, all that matters is how you play," he said in a teleconference Thursday. "It doesn't matter the experience I got. I know I have to produce. I know I have to work on my technique and I know the Detroit Lions are willing to work with me."

Lions believe Ziggy Ansah gives them another answer for Aaron Rodgers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"We saw the way he can learn, how quickly he can pick things up," Mayhew said. "And we saw the impact he can have in the game, so we felt very comfortable in him."

Ziggy Ansah's lensless 3D glasses? New Lions DE just goofing around - Detroit Free Press
A native of Ghana whose mother came in from Africa for the draft, Ansah said he "had a lot of people dare me to wear" the glasses Thursday, including BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall. "I just did it so he could smile right now," Ansah said.

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