Professional Cougars

Cougars at the Combine

BYU sent five players to this year's NFL combine in Indianapolis. Here's a look at how they performed.

Jimmer and the Kings take over New York

Playing in a game that some of the Knicks called Must Win....Sacramento came to play. The impressive part of the game is that the Kings were lead by our favorite long ball shooter from BYU...Jimmer!

Cougars in the NBA: Week ending January 26th

We check in on how some of your favorite former Cougars are doing in the NBA.

BYU sports links: Senior Bowl, Pro Bowl-esc draft

We check in on how Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman are performing down at the Senior Bowl and what Pro Bowl style rosters would look like for the state of Utah's college football programs.

Ziggy named to PFWA all-rookie team

Former BYU Cougar and current Detroit Lion, Ezekiel Ansah, was named to the Pro Football Writers of America all-rookie team today. Ansah finished his rookie season with 32 tackles, 8 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in the 14 games he played in.

Cougars in the NBA: Week ending December 21st

How have some of your favorite former BYU basketball players been faring in the NBA recently? Find out here.

Cougars in the NFL: Week 15

It's time again to check out how our former Cougars fared over the NFL weekend.

Cougars in the NFL: Week 14

Returning from a hip injury, former BYU TE Dennis Pitta came back to the NFL with a bang.

Brandon Davies signs with the Sixers

Davies wasn't homeless for long. After being waived by the Clippers last week, Brandon Davies finds a new home in Philly.

Austin Collie makes two huge fourth quarter grabs

Since coming to the New England Patriots a few weeks ago Austin Collie has been relentless in learning the complex offense. After a Danny Amendola injury in the fourth quarter, Collie was called upon and came away with two huge receptions.


Austin Collie signs with Patriots

Austin's finally found a home in New England. Manning to Brady, not a bad set of quarterbacks to play for with only 4 years in the Pro's.

Dallas Reynolds picked up by Giants

Dallas Reynolds has been around the NFL since 2009. Reynolds started in 14 games for the Eagles last year, but his career is about to take it's next natural step. He was picked up by the New York Giants this week.

Vic So'oto picked up by Arizona Cardinals

You may have known that Vic So'oto is a linebacker in the NFL, but did you know that is also pretty good at Guitar Hero?

Pro Cougar: Andy Reid still bleeds blue

Andy Reid has had a tough year. After losing a son last year to a drug overdoes and losing his job as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy has returned to his winning ways by leading the Chiefs to a big opening week victory over the Jaguars.

Former BYU big man Davies signed by Clippers

After a summer playing with the likes of Kevin Durrant and Blake Griffin; Brandon Davies was signed to an undisclosed deal by the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday. Doc Rivers believes that Brandon has a chance to play at the next level.

John Beck auditions in New York

John Beck has journeyed around the NFL for a few years, is this his last chance to make an impact on an NFL team? The Jets and Bills may be making that decision for him.

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