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Fiery Coach Dave Rose of BYU speaks on kindness.

As a cancer survivor, Dave Rose has learned that kindness is a choice. Many people showed kindness to Dave Rose and his family while he battled cancer. When you live a life of kindness, it's also...

D-News: Rogers picks Cougars over Utah State


Stephen Rogers, the 6-foot-8 sharp-shooting small forward who became a hot recruiting target among Division I schools after his stellar season last year at Mesa Community College, has decided to play next season for the BYU Cougars. Rogers was named a second-team junior college All-American after averaging 21.3 points and 5.3 rebounds per game while shooting 50 percent from the field. The 6-foot-8 sophomore-to-be with three years of eligibility remaining made a school record 80 3-pointers and averaged 81-percent shooting from the 3-point line while earning Arizona Community College Athletic Conference player of the year honors. Before making his choice, Rogers was recruited by and offered scholarships to attend numerous schools including New Mexico, Utah, UC Santa Barbara and others. More HERE...

Rose staying at BYU


Admitting to having contact with Houston, Dave Rose rejects his alma mater and stays with BYU.

Jimmerella and Mike Loyd Madness: Cougars defeat Gators


Jimmerella and Mike Loyd Madness: Cougars defeat Gators. Florida can blame their loss on Boynton fouling out in the second OT, and in Parsons missing a couple of potential buzzer-beaters - but...

Notes and Quotes: Gators vs. Cougars


**Reminder** - There is still time to sign up for VTF's Yahoo!'s College Basketball Tourney Pick'Em.  It's free and we currently have about 50 members.  Come join! "Cougars expect tight games" -...


Open GameThread: NCAA Tournament, Round 1 - Florida vs. BYU


Preview: BYU Cougars vs. Florida Gators


A general statistical overview of Florida and BYU illustrates the two teams as having similar strengths and weaknesses. A close look on why this 7/10 game could be a classic, with the Cougars...

Cougars Seeded Seventh: Blessing or Curse?


BYU was revealed as a 7-seed on Sunday - something that could either be a major disappointment or blessing in disguise for the Cougars.

USA Today: Rose living up to promises at BYU after treatment for cancer


PROVO, Utah — Tears stream down Cheryl Rose's face as she talks about her family's life since her husband, Brigham Young men's basketball coach Dave Rose, was treated for pancreatic cancer. "They're tears of gratitude," she says. She is grateful that the rare form of cancer that afflicted her husband, a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, is one that patients can survive, unlike its other form, adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, which typically kills within months.

Daily Herald: Can BYU recover after not waking up in Vegas?


Dave Rose's teams have closed strong every year he's been at BYU, and the Cougars do have a full week to rest up and gather themselves before playing Air Force in Provo. A good stretch run would go a long way in helping BYU forget about Vegas ... until the MWC tournament. But if the Cougars want to get that NCAA monkey off its back, there's still a lot of work to do. An average stretch run will put BYU right where it's always been - an 8 or 9 seed. And we all now how that's turned out.

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