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A Pac-10 expansion look at attendance

From the FanPosts... It has been blogged to death that the most likely contenders to enter the Pac-10 are Colorado and Utah. The most prominent reason($) being that the Pac-10 would want to...

"In the end, the Pac-10 will have a pretty simple choice. What do they think will be worth more to...

"In the end, the Pac-10 will have a pretty simple choice. What do they think will be worth more to television executives: The three million or so Western Mormons outside of Utah or the three million or so people in the city of Denver?"

Greg Welch, Bleacher Report

Conference Expansion Overview: Big 10 and Pac-10

An overview of the rumors surrounding the potential expansions of the Big 10 and Pac-10 conferences - and their possible consequences for BYU.

MWC Connection: What Happens If Utah Goes To Pac-10 And BYU Is Left Behind?

One far fetched idea that has been floated if the Mountain West gets decimated by Utah and TCU leaving and Boise State stays in the WAC is that BYU would go independent. One radio host who in my opinion lacks college football knowledge was saying that if BYU could get a special deal to the BCS like Notre Dame then they would go independent in a second. That is never going to happen for BYU. Oh, and he mentioned that BYU and Notre Dame would play ever year? Why? The last series was a two for one deal between the Domers and the Cougars. Now, BYU would have enough pull to broker a deal with various networks. ESPN would be one that would pick up some BYU home games as well would Fox Sports Utah (not national) for some games, and CBS College Sports would want to pick up something since they currently have a relationships.

Pac-10 Expansion: Why not BYU?

Pac-10 Expansion: Why not BYU? - In all likelihood money, politics, academics, and religion all present difficulties for BYU in joining the Pac-10. That is why despite the apparent benefits to both school and conference, BYU is likely to be excluded should there be an expansion.

Cal Golden Blogs: Is Pac-10 Expansion A Good Idea?

Indeed, the Pac-10 would probably become similar to the Big 12 and the SEC--a few more cupcakes to fill the schedule. The conference championship game would make up for that lost round robin game. However, anything special about the Pac-10 would be lost, replaced with a more homogenous product of twelve teams, two divisions that fits the distinctions of other big power conferences. Finally, Cali49a does point out that this might makes the BCS situation even more intractable, as we'll now have more conferences on equal footing. "I prefer to keep the Pac10 the way it is, but the conference is going to be jockeying for a new tv contract ($$$$$$) soon and having a 12 team conference with 2 divisions like the Big 12 is more appealing to the networks. The Pac10 needs to get with the times or it’s going to fall further behind the other BCS schools. Personally, I don’t want the expansion to happen and wish the Rose Bowl would get out of its contract with the BCS. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Once again, the BCS and how it’s tied into the MNC is the biggest root of the problem." What almost every reasonable college football fan wants is something other than the BCS. A Pac-12 might very well pull us away from that objective, with another extra game making it difficult for anyone to advocate playing any more games. Oh wells.

BCS Evolution: Dominoes - PAC 10 Edition

A year ago, prior to signing on here, I actually hashed out the expansion options for the PAC 10 fairly thoroughly. This analysis included an introduction, football stats (two years out of date), academics TV Markets and other sports, and a look at how I would make a convoluted schedule. I concluded that Utah and BYU were the best fit then. Both teams have only improved their case since then. Texas and Colorado are included in the assessment, but are ruled unlikely for various reasons. The remaining teams in the PAC 10 footprint are Boise State, BYU, Fresno State, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, SDSU, San Jose State, UNLV, Utah and Utah State. While Boise State is a solid football program, they have little else to offer. Hawaii is really the only other university worth mentioning. This leaves us with, BYU, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah and Texas as the serious contenders.

SF Chronicle: If Pac-10 expands, BYU and Utah are IN

If Pac-10 expands, BYU and Utah are certainly the most likely candidates to join...

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