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BYU Going For Win #500 vs. SDSU

In trying to find how many collegiate football programs have 500 or more wins I found only that list is hard to find. I do know, however, that Michigan is numero uno with more than 850. Still, 500 (500-376-26) ain't bad and BYU should get it done on Saturday...

When I think of BYU and San Diego State two poignant memories come to mind--1991 and 92-94, when a guy by the name of Marshall Faulk was running over or around everyone in college football, especially BYU.

The game in '91 down in SD is one of my favorite games of all time, certainly one of the most entertaining. It still holds, and always will, the record as college football's highest scoring game to end in a tie--52-52! I was lucky enough to have this game recorded on VHS (remember those?) as Ty Detmer, Eric Drage and Jamal Willis lit up the SDSU defense--it was spectacular. Detmer threw for 599 yards and Cougar fans were introduced to the talented, fast and super-sized Willis. Loved that game, a game that gave BYU another conference championship.

The following years were the Marshall Faulk Show, and I vividly remember him destroying the BYU defense at Cougar Stadium--what was it, about 300 yards by himself in one game?! Bananas.

As we look forward to Saturday afternoon, you can expect a lot of points and no Marshall Faulk. BYU wins big, though I don't know if they'll score the 41 points they average against SDSU. Rocky Long, former NM coah (bet Lobos fans wish they could have him back), is now the DC in SD, and with better athletes and a scheme that limited BYU to 24 points during his tenure in Albuquerque, BYU could find itself struggling early to move the ball.

Nah, BYU wins 42-14.