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Saturday's BYU Football Milestones

I certainly wasn't expecting a 10-point game, but it was entertaining. SDSU is improved and should be a team to worry about in the forthcoming seasons--they have everything in place to be great in the MWC...

A few numbers to throw out: Max Hall is now BYU's second-winningest quarterback of all time, with 27 wins he trails only Detmer and Wilson by two wins. Say what you (and I) will about his turnovers and chaotic decision-making, Max Hall can win games. And it seems that he's finally put the interception bug behind him...

As you know, Dennis Pitta became BYU's all-time leading TE in receiving yards. What you may not know is that with 23 more catches he'll hold the record for most catches by ANY receiver at BYU, which Austin Collie holds with 215.

As fans, we shouldn't be taking such great days for granted. With Unga, Hall and Pitta currently driving the offense with seeming ease and individual talent these days may not happen again for some time. Sure the system has something to do with their success, but their God-given talents and work ethic are superb.

As for Bronco, he became BYU's only coach to have his team bowl eligible in his first five seasons. Again, and we can ask New Mexico fans about this with the Rocky Long departure, but we can only hope that Bronco decides to stay at BYU for a long, long time

One last thing, it's fitting that on the day the BYU football program won its 500th game, the Utes beat UNLV for program win number 600. But, their 600 should have an asterisk by them because football just wasn't the same when they were dominating teams in the late 1800s and early 1900s...I'm kidding...kind of.