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VTF Member Vote: Greatest Moments in BYU History

With BYU earning its 500th win on Saturday against the Aztecs, it got me thinking: what are the top 10 greatest moments in Cougar history? 

Let us know what you think are the top 10 greatest moments in BYU football history and we'll post the results on Friday, October 23rd.

Some ideas to post/discuss below:

BYU beating #1 Miami; BYU beating Michigan in '84 for the NC; Ty Detmer winning the Heisman; the 1996 team that won the Cotton Bowl; BYU beating Pitt in 1984; Beck to Harline; Collie's 4th and 18; the Miracle Bowl vs. SMU; Steve Young's catch and run in the '83 Holiday Bowl.

You get the idea...