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Chatting With BYU CB Brian Logan

As I've mentioned before, BYU CB Brian Logan comes into my work a couple times a week. He's an extemely nice, humble guy and loves to talk about the insights of the team...

I had a chance to talk with him for about a half hour this morning while doing personal business for him. Here are some things he said:

-TCU is faster than Oklahoma, about as fast as Florida State, and TCU's receivers run great routes. He said BYU will probably be running a 2-safety set this Saturday in an effort to minimize big plays--plays that killed them last week in San Diego.

-The team is pumped for this game, knowing that if they beat TCU they control their destiny. He said they will not be flat, and the first day of practice was really intense.

-In a bit of a confession, Brian said ever since coming to Provo he's been only about 80 percent healthy., which has really affected his speed. He has a hernia that has bothered him since JC, and he'll finally be getting it fixed this offseason. That's great news and I can't wait to see what he's like at 100 absolute freak. He can't wait to show what he can do at full speed, saying that "I'll be a monster out there."

-While talking about his family and adjusting to life in Provo, Logan said he loves Provo, BYU and considers this his home. He said his only regret is that he's only got 2 years here. He's recruiting his younger brothers to play at BYU, too, they're ages: 4 and 7.

-The players that were feeling sick last week (Bradley, Ogletree, etc.) had the flu--you know what I mean. The team is worried it may spread and the trainers are taking precautions to limit exposure. Brandon Bradley is feeling better and will play this weekend.