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Texas-sized Beatdown

Punched in the face. Knocked out. Mocked. TCU's 38-7 shellacking of BYU Saturday night was an embarrassment, and now all of America is laughing at BYU. Sorry, Kirk Herbstreit, BYU made you look stupid. We should have known. 

Bronco Mendenhall prides himself and his team on learning from mistakes--where's the freaking lesson taught?! BYU's last four regular season losses have been, well, disgusting. TCU, Utah, FSU and now TCU have all beaten the snot out of the Cougars, at least 3 touchdowns worth of snot in each of those. UGLY! For all of the business-like attitude surrounding BYU's players--forget about it! Business-like doesn't work in a game that needs emotion, passion and aggression. It's clear BYU is so business-like that when they get down, they get down big because it's simply business as usual. Good job for winning 9, 10 and 11 games these last four years; BYU fans want more. We want to beat TCU and Utah when it counts. We don't just want to beat them, we want to crush them. In the least, stop embarrassing your legacy, your fans and the people around the nation who think you're better than you are.

BYU teased the nation against Oklahoma. They played with a fire that's been missing since Florida State. You know what the difference is? Take a look at that magical night in Dallas, and compare it to tonight's game, and you'll see a team that no longer plays with aggression and passion but a team that expects to win solely on execution--execution which isn't happening.

TCU, thanks for the reality check. You've shown BYU and its fans just how far we are from being legitimate BCS contenders. Good luck on your road to Tostita deserve it.