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Friday Night Lights

I love football, and like many of you, played in high school where it was tradition to wear your jersey to school and walk around with your chest puffed out eager for the school day to end, the lights to come on and game time to appear. I think that is why we love night games. There is so much we can relate to, because many of us have been there. Here is a list of who shined under the lights Friday night...

Harvey Unga with 118 yards on 21 carries and a TD. Harvey is back, and ready to roll. Rain or shine, light or dark Harvey is as dependable a running back as you can get. The guy broke his finger and just shook it off to go play ball. That is a man!

Dennis Pitta had 5 catches for 83 yards and 2 TD's. The thing that I have come to admire about Pitta is how he makes himself into a big target. If you watch him catch the ball he will always try to catch it with both hands right in front of his chest. At 6'5" he creates quite a target making him an easy favorite for Max Hall.

Luke Ashworth has shown what he can do. His 48 yard TD catch was not a flash in the pan, but a start of what can be a great career for the Jr. receiver. He is finding favor with Hall and has shown that he can run good routes and get open.

Jan Jorgensen welcome! Five games in and he got a sack. Hopefully this wakes the beast formerly known as Jan Jorgensen. Heaven knows we need him.

Andrew Rich's praise is long overdue. He has played well in all five games, causing 3 fumbles against OU! I would suggest for anyone who wants to learn how to play safety and how to tackle correctly to watch Andrew Rich. Rich has been a steady defender amongst a sea of defensive turmoil that has been the first five games of the BYU football season.