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BYU Safety Kicked Off Team

Ugh! BYU safety, Shiloah Te'o, has been kicked off the team for violating team rules. Why, why, why? Say it ain't so! All right, I'm done complaining.

Though his time this year has been limited because of Rich's stellar play at the KAT position, Te'o did play in all 5 games tallying 5 tackles, and more importantly, was tabbed to be a major player next year. With Scott Johnson graduating and Craig Bills leaving for a mission the safety position now becomes critical for junior college recruiting this winter (and it's crucial they stay healthy the rest of the way this season)...

If there's a positive to this it's that this type of thing is happening less and less, unlike the now-infamous Crowton circus...

**Update** -

"Provo City Justice Court records show that Te'o was charged Sept. 18 with driving under the influence from an arrest in August. Mendenhall said in a statement Tuesday that Te'o has been dismissed for an undisclosed violation of team rules. He told The Salt Lake Tribune for a story posted online Wednesday that he learned of the charge over the weekend, then decided to dismiss the sophomore safety after practice Tuesday night."