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Response to Block U's "I Really Hate BYU"

I'd love to leave this blog post alone from Block U, but I just can't. So, in an attempt to logically dismantle our friend's claims (in italics), or at least explain why I called it "absurdly general" and "ridiculous", I'm writing this. It won't matter to him, but at least it will put my mind at ease...Keep in mind, most of what he writes is self-explanatory in its ridiculousness. Any post that states the word "douchebag" seven times says something about the writer...

"You'd think hate could be considered too strong of a word when describing a group of people I've never met and know little about. But you're wrong. I actually think it's not harsh enough. In fact, I'd like to tack on an f-bomb somewhere (probably after the really and before the hate) to signify just how much I hate those pricks. Maybe you can call me classless and emotional and pathetically ridiculous - but that's what makes this rivalry so great, right?"

You call yourself classless, emotional, and pathetically ridiculous...I don't have anything else to say. Wait, yes I do. Calling opposing players, coaches and fans "pricks" is not only unfounded but also childish and in no means is what makes this rivalry so great; you must have known some really mean--wait, you mentioned you've never met one--BYU fans to want to drop f-bombs on us...

"You see, nothing beats watching those pompous blowhards hang their heads in shame after an embarrassing defeat. It's an image I will take delight in this Saturday when the Utes go down to Provo and pound their conceited asses into the ground."

Um, so are you saying the Utes jumped around the field with giant smiles on their faces after getting shellacked by Oregon or TCU? If you watch TV on Saturdays, I think you might find most teams hanging their heads after's certainly not unique to BYU.

"It's just this fake imagery Bronco has created and it leads to their players acting like complete tools when they win a game in the final seconds." 

Again, how does BYU react any differently than any team in the nation when they win in the final seconds? You may not remember 1993, but it's when Utah beat BYU in Provo. The Utes stormed the field, and the PLAYERS tried tearing down the goal there a better description of being a tool than that, or a better example of "little brother" syndrome? That's when classless started...

On Bronco Mendenhall:  "He just screams douchebag. He looks like a douchebag. He sounds like a douchebag and he acts like a douchebag. Every time Bronco opens his mouth, I want to stick knives in my ears and gouge out my eyes. He's arrogant. Bronco is just so creepy. Maybe it's the blonde hair that doesn't quite fit or the fact he looks like he was plucked right out of Madame Tussauds. Maybe it's the overbearing religious extremism. Whatever the reason - I just do not like the guy."

I've been following BYU football for a long time (as a fan and journalist), and I've heard Bronco scream only once--at a closed practice in August in 2006. He doesn't scream, and if he does, he certainly doesn't sound like a woman's sanitation device. Now, since when is a football coached judged by the color of his hair? No matter the argument, that is so completely off-topic.  And when was the last time he mentioned anything about religion? Hard to say he's extreme when he's always talking about football...

Speaking of Austin Collie's comments about living good off the field translates to good things happening on the field: Collie's comments aren't new and I'm sure you'll hear a variation of them this week from some other poor BYU soul that doesn't get it.

If this kind of thing happens so often, why are you still stuck on something that was said more than two years ago? Surely you must have more examples than just this one!

It seems every time Utah does manage to knock off the Cougars, they're quick to point out this is our bowl game (except when we're actually playing for the BCS) and this is just another game on their schedule (except when their players are crying at the end).

I've never heard a player or coach from BYU say this game is their bowl game. And about the "just another game comment", here's Kyle Whittingham's response from Monday:

"You anticipate it and you look forward to it," he said. "But you've got to keep it in perspective. Every game counts as one. It doesn't count any more than one. As soon as they start counting rivalry games as two, then they'll become more important. But right now every game counts as one."

Call me crazy, but that sounds like your coach is saying exactly what you're criticizing BYU for...

Cougar fans have proven to be some of the weirdest and most myopic fans in all of college football. They also have an innate ability to live in the past.

That's only because we have a past to be proud of...

You know you're on an entirely different level of douchebaggery when your douchebag coach calls you out for being too big of douchebags.

Again, any sentence that has "douchebag" in it three times is beyond ridiculous. By the way, champ, he said a vocal minority of fans are the few who are heard most loudly complaining.

 Until they do, I don't think many fans will like 'em. It's not just Utah fans, either. I'm sure Wyoming and Colorado State and Air Force fans are sick of this shtick as well.  

That's just because BYU owned every one of those schools for a couple decades. Trust me, Wyoming fans have more respect for BYU than they do for Utah, after Kyle Whittingham's d-baggish actions two years ago--running up the score on a lowly team, and then onside kicking when the game was already won. Stay classy, Kyle!