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And nothing else matters...

It was coined by Metallica, but the statement sure does ring true when it comes time for the Holy War. Both teams sitting with identical records, and assured of bowl games this game is for pride. For BYU it has been a roller coaster season of emotion. Starting with what seemed to be a defense of blitzing schemes that kept offenses guessing and and an offense that was destined to rack up points fast. Hopes of the dream season came crashin down hard with a dismal performance vs. FSU.  It is apparent that BYU is not yet "executing at a higher level," and blame who you will the marks in the loss category stand.

Football is an interesting game. Calls are made by judgement first and then through mechanical instruments we hope make up some of the difference leaving one always with that doubt of a good spot, or a correct call. From my experience football is ultimately a game of emotion. The shifting of momentum can happen over a long methodical drive or in the blink of an eye as someone gets their clock clean to the tune of 65,000 screaming in approval. Fourth and 18 is a prime example. Every loyal fan gets the chills when it comes up. I remember feeling Utah lose hope in that play. The interesting thing is that play was not a touchdown. Had Utah made a stand they still had the game, but the momentum had shifted and to them all was lost. 

So why do I bring my cowbell to every game, wear my lucky shorts and scream my head off? Am I loud enough to make a difference? Well actually yes I am. I have been on the field when the momentum shifts and the crowd does indeed make a difference. It is not living vicariously through a college football team. It is however an active participation in something that does indeed influence the end result. Me screaming at my TV when the game has already been played I don't have an good explanation for, but when you are there it is real.

So Saturday when I am jumping around in my lucky shorts in the 30 degree weather. Cowbell blazing while the orange coated freshman crowd control tries to find and confiscate the source of the artificial noise I do it knowing that on that day nothing else matters.