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Oh Yeah! Magic Still Happening For BYU

In the words of old Jazz broadcaster Hot Rod Hundley: you gotta love it, baby! In a way, winning on the second play in overtime, against our biggest rival's team strength (their D), and ripping out their hearts is so much more gratifying than crushing them 70 to whatever (memories of 1989)... What an incredible game--another classic battle between two very good football teams, and another unbelievable win for the good guys.

When Utah got the ball back trailing 20-17 with 2:50 left, I had a terrible feeling they would march down the field and put a dagger in our party. I was picturing their sideline storming the field, waving towels and dancing on the "Y" in the middle of our field. I was disgusted. But then our defense stepped up. The corners, who had played extraordinary throughout the game, made more plays when it counted. Bradley's tackle on the Utes' sideline guaranteed an overtime adventure. Again, our slow, easy-to-expose D outplayed their counterparts, holding Utah to a field goal of OT's first series. 23-20.

I knew then it was our game. As Hall said, we deserved to win. Our defense did their job, we outplayed the Utes; it was ours. All we had to do was trust in the winningest QB in school history to make a play, one more play. He did. Hall to George will go down as another great moment in BYU football history--one of the greatest.

Try telling 120 players and coaches, and 64,000 fans, this game didn't mean anything. Sure, no title was on the line, no BCS berth was in the picture. But pride, and having to listen to those you hate rant and rave about how great their team is (or how pathetic yours is), brings out the best in the best at critical times. It was apparent when George crossed the goal line, this game meant everything...just another magical night in Provo.

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