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A Historic Day for Maximus

In all fairness, because my attitude toward Max Hall since 2007 has been pathetic, I'm feeling obligated to write this little post about a truly unbelievable performance Saturday--one that will forever rank in the elite stratoshpere of great days at Quarterback U.

Some may argue that it's easy to manipulate a defense like Wyoming's. Others will say that, although it was a great day, it simply doesn't matter because the season was lost after a beatdown at the hands of Horned Frogs. Frankly, these arguments are weak. This is the same Cowboy defense that held both Texas (yes, the Longhorns) and Utah to 10 points in the first half of those games. These guys are no push-overs.

Max Hall completed 20 of 22 passes for 312 yards and four touchdowns, and no interceptions, in a little more than two quarters during Saturday's drubbing. His two incompletions gave him a 90.9 completion percentage, which happened to set a new MWC single-game record, and good enough for second place ever at BYU, just short of Steve Sarkisian's school-record 91.2 percent against Fresno State in 1995. His passer rating, something absurd (and I don't remember the exact number), was also the second-best day ever turned in by a BYU quarterback, second only to Ty Detmer's day against the Utes in 1989. The funny thing is Detmer has two more incompletions with 46 more yards in that game. Hard to say who had the better day, but a win in SLC and Laramie are both terrific.