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Open GameThread: Cougars vs. Aggies

I don't have to tell you that the Spectrum is not an easy place to play and this will begin the Cougars' toughest stretch of their non-conference schedule. The Aggies have a couple of solid forwards in Tai Wesley and Nate Bendall (SLCC transfer like Logan Magnusson). The former you should obviously be familiar with...

Still, this is largely a rebuilding year for Stew Morrill and his program after they won 30 games last year. Look for the Cougar guards to impose their will tonight on their less athletic/less experienced Aggie counterparts. Aggie guard Jared Quayle got some media love going into the season but is shooting only 40% (he is leading USU in rebounding though).

Jackson Emery is questionable for tonight's match-up and BYU might need monster games from Abouo and Haws. Tavernari also needs to finally catch fire as he is only three 3-pointers away from becoming the school's all-time leader. It'll be intriguing to see what rotations Rose implements to deal with Wesley and Bendall (who was hospitalized recently with a heart issues) in the paint - I'd be thrilled to see a Wesley vs. Davies (Provo High Alums) pairing.

TV: CW30 (Local); ESPN Full Court package and online at (More info. here)
Radio: KSL 1160 AM

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