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We're Advertising on Facebook and Other VTF FAQs

This week we began advertising on Facebook, perhaps some of you have seen it, and it's been quite successful over the last few days. We're hoping things pick up a bit on the number of comments being posted and the fanshots/fanposts that our members are doing...

As a result, here's a quick rundown of the benefits of signing up and becoming a member of VTF, which you can do by using your Yahoo! ID:

1: All true Cougar fans have plenty to say about their team, and by signing up you can leave as many comments on the site as you'd like. And, as long as they're appropriate, you can speak your mind freely.

2: If you see something that's interesting related to BYU around web, post a fanshot. These allow our members to have a "one-stop shop" for everything BYU sports.

3: If you want to comment on something that the writers of VTF haven't post on, you can start a thread by using a fanpost. It's a great chance for you to speak your mind on anything related to the Cougars.

If we at VTF like your comments and posts over time, we may invite you to become a site contributor. This allows you to have free reign on the stories posted on VTF's front page.  So quit "lurking" and join our community!