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BYU Dismantles Arizona State, 81-68

"La vengeance se mange très-bien froide." - Marie Joseph Eugène, Mathilde 

Tonight's win over Arizona State feels good after last season's loss in Tempe. In a way though, it also makes the loss to Utah State look worse...  No matter, ASU is ASU (I don't care if Harden and Pendergraph are gone) and anytime a MWC team beats a Pac-10 opponent it's a very good thing.  Let's hope the football team follows suit on the 22nd. 

This was easily the Cougars' most impressive win thus far.  Not only were they able to overcome shooting woes from Fredette (1 of 14...yikes!) and Tavernari (again...2 of 8), but it was their defense, especially in the first half, that dominated ASU.  Anytime you give up just 8 assists while creating 12 turnovers - and only turn the ball over 6 times yourselves - you have a great chance of winning the game.

I'd put Tyler Haws up against any freshman swing-man in the country.  Kid is a phenom: 17 points, 11 boards, and 6 broken hearts at Helaman Halls when he leaves on a mission (and counting...).  His fellow Lone Peak alum wasn't too shabby either, Emery connected on five 3's and finished with 17 as well. Imagine if Fredette and/or Tavernari had shot decently...scary.

Though it's early in the season, with a lot of basketball to be played, the win should help boost BYU's seeding come tourney time in March and put them into the top 25 very soon.

The Cougars (7-1) travel to Fresno State Saturday to take on potential first-round draft pick Paul George and the Bulldogs.

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