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Could BYU Get Into BCS With One Loss (Sept 5)? Let's Debate!!!

I'm not talking national championship or anything, but let's say BYU loses a close game to Oklahoma on September 5, then wins out (tough but doable)...could they be the first one-loss team from a non-BCS conference to get a bid? I say yes. Here's my rationale: OK will be ranked in the top 5 at season's end, which helps BYU immensely. If BYU loses that game they still have 11 games to get back into shape, including home games against will-be-ranked Florida St., TCU and Utah. This year the strength of schedule can't really hurt BYU.

Now, let's say by some miraculous happening BYU beats OK in a BYU fan I would be (I am) very nervous for the following week against Tulane. BYU NEVER plays well back east and it could be a sleeper for a team coming off a HUGE upset the week before...

Your thoughts?