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FanShot v. FanPost

There are many SBN newcomers so I wanted to point out some of the network's features that aid in our discussions of everything BYU.  These tools are part of what sets SBN apart and provide a user-friendly platform for all your blogging needs.  The right sidebar is the key to interacting with other fans here at VTF. 

FanShots and FanPosts are accessed on the right sidebar both on the main VTF homepage and on the layered interior pages.  (Of course, they can also be accessed on the horizontal main-page bar beneath the central advertisement.)  Knowing that FanShots and FanPosts exist is one thing. Using them is another:

  • The FanShot should be used for quick links - quotes, videos, images, chats, lists, etc. If you find something online pertaining to BYU athletics - particularly football and basketball - post a FanShot.
  • The FanPost should be used for blogging about BYU sports. The better the post the more likely it will be featured as main page content as well. FanPosts are different from FanShots in that they are your creation - not someone else's. A FanPost isn't news you want to share, but rather a topic you'd like to discuss.

Good FanShots have the following characteristics:

  • Are newsworthy or interesting (or both...)
  • Aren't spam
  • Cover topics that haven't already been covered ad nauseum at VTF
  • Aren't old news from prior months (or years...)

Good FanPosts have these characteristics:

  • Literate (I know it's a pain but please check your grammar...)
  • Add value to a topic, bring up an intriguing perspective,
  • Can allow you to vent your frustrations about a specific related event, etc.
  • Possibly include a poll

So let me make this clear as well.  We want you to post FanShots and FanPosts.  This is your site.  We feel that the stage here at SBN can provide a BYU discussion environment second to none on the web - that includes Cougar Board and elsewhere.  It's really quite simple.  FanShots and FanPosts are the best ways to have your voices heard on VTF - and we want to hear what you have to say.