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MWC Replacing Big East? Kudos to The Dallas Morning News

As they say in the PR world "all publicity is good publicity"--and certainly in the sports world all winning leads to good publicity. With continued success throughout the last decade, consistent wins against big teams on big stages and the overall level of competitiveness increasing, the MWC is gaining fans from around the country and making noise to replace the Big East in the elitist group we call the BCS. We've already talked about this before at VTF, but I came across an article from the Dallas Morning News writer, Tim Cowlishaw. The article is titled "5 Ways To Heal What Afflicts the BCS", and reason #1 is: In with the Mountain West, out with the Big East.

"Whether by committee or computer, a system should be put in place to make sure the six best football conferences are the ones receiving the automatic bids to those coveted eight spots in the BCS bowls."

"If that were the case, the fading-fast Big East would be on the outs. The Mountain West would get its due."

"The Mountain West created the most furor over the current BCS system when Utah smashed Alabama, 31-17, in the Sugar Bowl last winter. The argument that an unbeaten Utah deserved its share of a national title overlooked the fact that no one (including the Utes coach) had the team ranked higher than fifth prior to the Sugar Bowl."

"But the conference headed by Utah, TCU and Brigham Young is currently more competitive than the one West Virginia has mostly owned for the last five years. The Utes, Frogs and Cougars each have won at least 30 games the last three seasons. West Virginia is the only Big East team to make that claim."

"These same three Mountain West teams are ranked in the top 20, albeit all near the bottom. There isn't a single Big East team ranked in the top 25 at the moment."

"Say what you want about preseason rankings, but the media and the coaches have recognized the slide of the Big East, and soon enough, the BCS computers will do the same. Until further notice, this conference doesn't deserve an automatic bid and the millions that come with it."