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All Fired Up


As Adam, aka Brain Child, has already posted, welcome to Vanquish The Foe! We are excited to bring you an insider's look into the mind, heart and soul of BYU athletics

through the eyes of BYU fans. We sincerely hope this will be your premier destination to post your thoughts on the current state of the Cougars, as well as getting connected with the latest news and rumors. 

Vanquish The Foe, or VTF, is a smack-you-in-the-mouth, one-of-a-kind blog dedicated to the true Cougar fans around the world. As we grow into this new experience and strive to make this the ultimate BYU sports blog (with all due respect to Greg Wrubell) we expect you to take VTF to a great level!

As for me, my name is Zac. I've been lucky enough to make a living (for a short time) doing what I love: writing. I've written for many publications while having more than 100 articles published, including many sports articles focusing on BYU. I also graduated from BYU in 2007 with a degree in journalism, and worked as the campus editor for BYU's newspaper. This allowed me a unique opportunity to get "up close and personal" with Cougar sports, and even frequent interviews with Bronco, the staff and players.

Before I write more I need to thank Adam for getting this thing up and running, as well as the guys at SB Nation. Without all of their efforts Cougar fans would have one less microphone to scream into.

I grew up in Utah County loving BYU sports. Since my first game in 1982 (6 months old), I've missed only two home football games (my wife made me promise I wouldn't base our honeymoon around football).

I'm a BYU fan. I get ticked when players are stupid on and off the field and I revel in the glory of victory. I shed tears of joy when Beck connected to Harline...I have chills as I'm typing this. Though I'm a diehard, I'm not a homer. I tell it how it is. Given my background in journalism I look at facts and base judgments off those facts--yet I love writing my thoughts and opinions, which makes VTF the perfect opportunity.

So, that's enough about me. I'm really excited for you guys to get excited about VTF. With football season just around the corner it's time to let loose and let your thoughts flow. This is your platform. Indulge yourselves. VTF is finally here!