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2-for-1's: Insulting to Bronco?

Oh, really. In yesterday's press conference, Bronco mentioned something to the fact that BYU is now at the level to where they're "insulted" by any team in the nation requesting a 2-for-1 with BYU, meaning the other team gets two home games to BYU's one.

"We’re having a very difficult time where they acknowledge we’re a team that should play home and home, most of the time they want 2-for-1. I’m not really willing to go 2-for-1 any longer. Even though that is a philosophy that we once had, I think our program has a different level of credibility that’s been earned. And the teams that suggest 2-to-1 I take as an insult. When you have the chance to have Florida State – a team of the caliber – that is willing to play and then come to LaVell Edwards Stadium is an awesome thing and I think it’s something that the program has earned over a long period of time."

There are very few teams in the nation (i.e. USC, Florida, Notre Dame) that have the kind of power to request those types of games, and BYU apparently thinks it deserves to be in that group. I don't agree with this, and I don't think BYU has been at a consistently high-enough level, nor do they have the national power (TV ratings, legendary history, etc.), to where they should be saying "no" to high-profile teams because they won't play home-and-homes. Having said that, Bronco certainly has every right to feel "insulted"--he can feel whatever he wants to feel. And, if in a few years BYU has done what it is doing so far this year, and what it has done somewhat consistently over the last few years, then he would have a logical gripe. Until then, and until they're in the BCS as an automatic qualifier, BYU needs to keep playing the high-profile teams wherever those teams want to play.

Your thoughts? Is BYU to the point where they have every right to say "no" to the USCs and Notre Dames of the college football world IF those teams won't visit LES?

photo courtesy of The Deseret News