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Open GameThread: Florida State vs. BYU

The home opener finally arrives! Here's a brief intro from new VTF site author Cory Howerton to get us started:

"Does Miami's win (Thursday over Georgia Tech) change your view on today's big matchup in Provo? Is FSU seeing all this hype around BYU as a major insult and bulletin board material for an US AGAINST THE WORLD mentality? Can the athletes at FSU overcome Bronco's "antidote?" Undoubtedly as BYU's home opener, and the fans' first opportunity to congratulate the team for the Oklahoma victory, its going to loud and energized at LES enough to give BYU a clear advantage. These big BCS conference games in Provo don't happen often. Props to FSU for taking the game and I think we'll see a good one."


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