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The good, the bad and the ugly...

Ask any fan and they will tell you the game was good. That is about it, because that is about all it was. Here is a little bit of what I saw as a breakdown.

The Good: HARVEY'S BACK!!! That's right he's back and once he got a taste of the end zone he had to go back for more. The fire Harvey lights under the Cougars is one that they desperately need.

Turnovers: The one in the first quarter was a miscue by CSU, but Logan was in position to make a play on the ball off of that, (more on him to come in the ugly). The other pick and the blocked punt were great plays that swung momentum our way.

The Bad: I know it has been a while and I had to check the roster, but Coleby Clawson does still play linebacker for BYU. After hearing his name thousands of times over one weekend he disappeared off the map, but if you listened very closely you heard his name called out (once) after making a tackle. That's bad.

Secondary: I had such high hopes after looking good for two games. That all went away as did the secondary coverage. As the coverage faltered so did the tackling. CSU ran through way too many arm tackles by players trying to over pursue instead of breaking down and making a play.

The Ugly: Did someone tape Brian Logan's cast with duct tape that was sticky side out? That is a legitimate question. After the good he just got picked on. I was a little disappointed that after everyone in the stadium knew he was going to get picked on the safeties didn't have the sense to come over and help. On thing he did do right was not turn around and look back after he got beat, but the problem was the first part, he got beat. Disappointing play from Brian Logan and the secondary.

Over all the game was pretty ugly. BYU did not win a lot of stats. Granted we won the only stat that actually counts, but I am not surprised that BYU dropped in the polls after a lack-luster win.

This Friday USU is team that is playing a lot better than they had in the past decade plus. A new coaching staff has brought life to the program, look for USU to show up to compete Friday night under the lights at LES.