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It's Official: Harvey's Staying, And Other Cougar News

We can all now breathe an official sigh of relief...thanks, Harvey, we owe you! Not that next year's team wouldn't have been fine and capable, but this almost ensures another 10-win season...maybe more.

In my chat today with an unnamed Cougar corner I became keenly aware at just how much I'm anticipating next season. In this corner's words, Ross Apo is "amazing", "huge" and a "really great" route runner. Though it's just a whole lot of strength and conditioning, and apparently route running, Apo could impact BYU next year much like Mr. Collie did his freshman season.

And for the secondary, there's been talk of moving Brandon Bradley over to safety--along with Andrew Rich--and having Lee Aguirre and Corby Eason playing opposite Brian Logan.

The most interesting piece that came up today was BYU's recruiting of high school cornerbacks, er, lack thereof. Bronco told his players that BYU will not be actively recruiting high school DBs, and they'll be intensely focused on those who excel in the JC ranks....