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Cougs trounce Rams, 91-47

Say what you want about the schedule thus far, but 18-1 certainly isn't anything to apologize for - especially if it's the best start in school history.  Looking at Fredette tonight the only thing with an infectious disease on the court was the Rams' defense.

The player that impressed me a lot in this one (and amazingly it seems to be someone different in almost every contest) was Charles Abouo.  In 17 minutes he contributed 10 points on 4 of 5 shooting, but most importantly added 7 rebounds and 3 assists without turning the ball over.  If he can perform like this consistently can you imagine how truly versatile the wing position becomes between him, Haws, and Tavernari?  Speaking of JT, he also played well again - combining with Jackson Emery for 7 steals and shooting efficiently (5/9).

Of course, if you're paying attention to the rankings, No.18 Georgia Tech beat No. 13 North Carolina today so the Yellow Jackets should leap the Cougars in the rankings.  So don't expect much movement until/unless BYU can beat San Diego State and/or New Mexico on the road in a few days.  If they're able to do that then look out because the Cougars will have already set themselves up for a high tourney seed.

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