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Collie Shines in NFL Playoffs Debut

Saturday's Ravens vs. Colts match-up was an interesting one for Cougar fans to observe as it paired the greatest receiver in school history against the current team of John Beck, arguably BYU's best quarterback of the past decade. Never has the luck of the NFL draft been more apparent from our perspective.  

Of course Collie was drafted by a team that went 14-2 during his first season and was the beneficiary of seven regular season touchdown receptions from perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history.  Seemingly everything went right for Collie this past season.  On the other hand, Beck was drafted into a tumultuous situation in Miami in 2007 and one of the worst teams in league history.  Now he finds himself deep on the depth chart in Baltimore on a offense whose best receiver is 36 years old (Derrick Mason). 

Just an observation I thought interesting...

Back to Collie.  Dude was a stud yesterday and finished with 4 catches for 52 yards and a touchdown.  He was also robbed of another touchdown by a helmet collision in the end zone with Ray Lewis that resulted in the latter being called for unnecessary roughness.

Overall a fantastic day for the Colts rookie and it'll be interesting to see him again next weekend in Indy against either the Jets or Chargers.