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BYU Jumps to 13th, 14th in Polls

This crew is scary good. Not only have they jumped high in both polls, but they now have the most wins of any of D1 school, with 18.  SB Nation site "Blogging the Bracket" has a 'bracketology' series and currently ranks BYU as a 4 seed.  Other projected 4 seeds include Pitt, Wisconsin and Gonzaga.

ESPN's bracketology now has BYU as a 4-seed as well, which if they can beat Wyoming, SDSU and New Mexico (their next three), they could move even higher. What a great couple of months to look forward to!  

Here's a look at how Fredette compares to the best point guards in the country so far this season:

Player, School PTS APG RPG
Jimmer Fredette, BYU 19.9 5.1 2.8
John Wall, Kentucky 17.1 6.9 3.7
Scottie Reynolds, Villanova 19.3 3.5 2.9
Jon Scheyer, Duke 18.9 6.9 3.4
Sherron Collins, Kansas 15.6 4.2 2.3