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Phillips Definitely A Cougar; Heaps, Van Noy Impressing Early

The fastest player to ever suit up--or at least potentially suit up--for the Cougars is fully committed to BYU. Alabama running back Drew Phillips, who reportedly runs a consistent 4.26 40, turned down a last-chance effort from Notre Dame and will sign with the Cougars February 2, according to the Deseret News.

Phillips' coach, Drew Noles, said, "I'll tell you this, BYU will be news all over the state of Alabama."

From Dick Harmon of the Deseret News:

"Word from BYU's off-season workouts: Jake Heaps is impressing both receivers and defensive backs with his ability to place passes accurately on the shoulder away from the defender in seven-on-seven sessions and informal QB-WR throw afternoons.

Also, newcomer LB Kyle Van Noy has been very impressive covering the TEs. He's been so impressive, in order to challenge him, one of the defensive leaders suggested he workout with the defensive backs so he could be challenged and develop his skills against greater speed."