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Dramaville: Bronco Pulling Scholarship for Trip to South Bend

You wouldn't think after so many wins over the last four years, the recruiting class that has followed Jake Heaps to Provo and a future that looks spectacularly bright that Bronco would be so paranoid. Well, there's word from that BYU will pull their scholarship offer to Kona Schwenke if he decides to visit Notre Dame this weekend for a recruiting trip. Hmmm...

Schwenke confirmed to Bronco that he is 100 percent committed to the Cougars, and would not change his mind, but would take the trip to to only visit some friends on the team. But, it looks like Bronco doesn't want to believe him. Kona and his family will be flying to South Bend, and it looks like he'll now be deciding to play for either the Irish or Washington Huskies.

I'd recommend reading the entire story at the link above. It's beyond entertaining.

My problem is this: you're recruiting this superb talent, who is committed to playing for you, and even though he is still a recruit you aren't going to allow him to fly to South Bend--interesting. I wonder if this is the reason Drew Phillips decided to not fly to Cincinnatti and South Bend this weekend as well.