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Fredette Eyed By Wooden; Bracketology Unveiled

Now that the holidays are behind us (I'm so sick of Christmas music) I've finally got some time to post again...

News broke that Jimmer Fredette was added to the top-30 watch list for the Wooden Award, basketball's Heisman. Glad to see Jimmer garnering attention from the national media after incredible hype from local media. If he keeps pace I'd predict him to make the top-10 cut in April. He's certainly deserving of such a spot.

As for the team in general, ESPN's Bracketology is giving BYU some love--even when considering the strength of UNLV and New Mexico in league play. In the first edition of the season, BYU is lodged in as a 6th seed, playing in San Jose (West bracket) against Siena. Obviously it's early, and ridiculous to even pit teams against each other at this point, BYU will continue to rise in the seedings IF they can conquer the aforementioned teams. It's no secret that winning the conference tournament (even more so than winning the regular season crown) helps in NCAA seeds--look for no better proof of this than a very, very mediocre Utah team last year that got hot/lucky at the perfect time and ended up a 5th-seed in The Dance.

What say you, is BYU deserving of a 6th seed at this point?