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BYU vs. New Mexico: 5 Headlines

1.     BYU Birth Announcement: It’s a Quarterback!

BYU Football is pleased to announce the arrival of Jake Heaps.

Date of Birth: Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, 12 pm MST, CSU Stadium

Proud Parents: Bronco Mendenhall and Robert Anae. (Godfather: LaVell Edwards)

Vital Statistics: 15-20, 242 yards and 4 TDs

**You are cordially invited to attend his Christening on Nov. 27th @ Rice Eccles Stadium. Ceremonies will commence at 12:30 pm MST.


2.     Luke Ashworth is Born Again

Having established himself as a quality deep threat during his freshman year but having only caught two touchdown passes so far this season, Ashworth re-emerged vs. Colorado State. Ashworth set a conference record with 4 touchdown catches in the first half. However, he was shut-out in the second half, causing him to fall one touchdown short of the MWC single game record and certain immortality.


3.     "Captain Obvious" Spotted Reporting for the MTN

The reporter conducting the on-field post game interview of Bronco asked this question:  "Bronco, is this the best back-to-back games you’ve had all year?"  Um…considering it’s the only time BYU has won games on consecutive weekends this entire season, I’d say yes.

4.       Utah Hands TCU Their First Set-back of the Season

Relax Ute fan, that nightmare last week really did happen, but without even trying (literally) you actually did hurt TCU’s BCS ranking. With a complete stinker against a then 4-5 Notre Dame team, coming off a home loss to Tulane and a blow-out loss the previous week to Navy, you turned TCU’s quality win into just another ho-hum MWC victory. Has the value of a undefeated top 5 team ever fallen so far so fast this late in the season?


5.       So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

After BYU’s third straight win, with a fourth on the horizon, and Utah’s second straight devastating loss (with a tough SDSU team up next), BYU fans are starting to feel hopeful about the season finale with the Utes.