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Bronco releases entire offensive staff

According to the Deseret News, Bronco has released the entire offensive staff and asked them to seek other employment.

The story goes on to say that each will be interviewed and is invited to rejoin the staff, if Bronco elects to do so.

A couple of thoughts.

1) bad play calling cost the team a win against Utah. Not the replay officials, not the flukes. It was bad play-calling.

2) Bronco is just as responsible as anyone else for delaying the progress of the offense by not realizing a 2-QB system would not work. It is probably fortunate that Riley Nelson got hurt so that Jake could take the reins. I hope he takes just as long of a look at himself as he does the people he just let go.

3) Robert Anae needs to go. Fans have been calling for it. Now it looks like its going to happen.

4) The team has a lot of potential for next year and beyond. Getting the right guys to help maximize that potential is crucial. Hopefully, Bronco makes the right decisions about who to retain and who to let go.

Find the story here

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