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Harline is back to the community

If you are a BYU fan, the phrase "Beck to Harline" still causes you to get that "pumped up" feeling, like you want to run up to the nearest Ute fan, and just say "HA!" just for that.  Imagine how Johnny Harline must feel.

He is the one who was able to somehow evade the Ute defense and get himself wide open. Posters have been made of his catch, on his knees, in the end zone, to beat Utah.

You remember the setting.  Utah had won 4 in a row.  The year before, all signs pointed to a BYU victory, but Brett Ratliff and something called the Circus defense foiled the Cougars.  After Brent Casteel scored to give the Utes the lead with 1:03 left, the voice of play-by-play man Greg Wrubell grew frantic as he realized he was a mere 63 seconds away from a fifth straight loss to that hated team up on the hill.

But we know the rest, Harline makes the catch, RES goes quiet, and Cougars take three of the next four.

One would think that Harline would keep that equipment he wore that day for the rest of his life.  Someday, he could show his grandkids and say, "this is the helmet I wore that day, these are the cleats, and this is the jersey." But no, he has bigger plans for it.  As I reported earlier today, Johnny is choosing to auction his memorabilia from this game to benefit some needy families and Primary Children’s Hospital.

I really can’t describe how amazing that is.  What a stand up thing to do.  That is something to be treasured.  But instead, he is using it to benefit those in need. 

I listened to the Jan and Gunther show today on 1280 The Zone.  I found it ironic that in the segment before they discussed Harline’s charitable work, they discussed a receiver from Iowa who threw away all of his promise on drugs. As I listened to Jan and Gunther interview Johnny about this, I was really touched.  Even the seemingly too-cool to cry Gunther seemed genuinely moved.  Jan Jorgenson asked if there was something he could sell to help out this great cause. 

Selfless.  Humble.  Johnny Harline is a real hero.  We need more people like Johnny Harline in the sports world today.  That takes a great deal of sacrifice.  Just think about this, some kid will have presents under the tree this Christmas because Johnny Harline sold his helmet.  Another kid suffering from an incurable disease will be a step closer to going home and having a normal childhood because Johnny Harline sold his cleats.  Some parent who is scared to death and feeling stressed out because they can’t put presents under their tree will be able to sleep in peace because someone bought Johnny Harline’s jersey.

When Johnny Harline left campus with a degree, he left with the advice that all cougars get; "go forth to serve".  I can’t think of a better way to do just that. 

Thank you Johnny Harline.  For more information on how you can enter to win the memorabilia, vvisit this website